My Leisure Time Click Series - Collection III

This is my third collection of photography series. With a brand new environment and subjects, my creations landed here for your graceful views. In this collection, I have released my first most photography click taken in my backyard. Have a pleasant look on my series and have fun having these pictures as the wallpaper of your desktop. We will be so happy to hear your comments in the comments section. Kindly let us know your views and thoughts and share your feel about your new wallpaper from Anselm photography.

That was a sunny day in my hometown. The sun set scenery looks awesome on that day just before my friend's house. That was the day when my first short film was taken. The film was my college project. We have shot it within 24 hours and this shot was taken on that evening.

My first click
It was a holiday. My mom has gone to the backyard to pluck flowers blooming. Those where the days I have got my first new smartphone. Yep. Its Lumia 720. With a lot of excitement, I have gone with my mom to the garden and started searching a nice scene to get captured by my new device. This is an unexpected shot made perfect that may be one of the reason that brings me to present these many pictures to you. Hope you will enjoy my experience.

Looks Artificial but Nature
Standing majestic before my sweet house is an Ajwain plant. It is of high herbal value mainly for cough related treatment. Having named as Plectranthus amboinicus by the IUPAC, the stupendous plant poses to my lenses perfectly.

On a slanting leaf stands the boss of photography stills. Yep! It is a tiny cute grasshopper planning ahead of its prey flying in the sky. While the boss plan for a shot, my lenses shoot him from the back pose. Lol!

Tridax Procumbens - Thatha Poo

Got hurt in your legs or hands? Bleeding? Is it paining? No problem. You are seeing the right plant. I think everyone could see this species in your garden also. Just squeeze along with water and apply it on the place of hurt. Now at this moment, I could feel myself as an astounding sage giving medical advice to you.lol!!


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