Kolr - A Casual game for Android

Hello world! Make your day colourful!!
Kolr is a colorful, addictive and a simple game. Colored tiles are the basic game elements.
Are you confident about your eyes? Then why reading this description? Move your fingers to the download button... Let's check your eyes...

Still confused about moving out? Lets see what Kolr is... Touching the colored tiles make the color lighter and lighter. Dont make much lighter!! It may turn to black(deactivated). Then what about untouched tiles?? It will turn darker and darker and finally to black(deactivated).

These are just a basic idea about the game. Explore the rest after playing.


  •        Game automatically saves every move.
  •        Different colours for different minds.
  •        Works even in android 2.3.3
  •        Works awesome in landscape(tablets) and portrait modes.
  •        Supports wonderful bed-time play (auto rotation)
  •        Silent game!
  •        Beautiful and simple UI
  •        Easy play/pause controls
  •        Sign in to Google+ account in any android device and retain your prestigious high score achievements.
  •        Check your position among your friends in leader boards!
  •        Boost your adrenalin with the acceleration meter!

Do check this game on Google Play and give us your valued feedback!

Happy Kolr-ing! :)


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