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Hello folks!
 It was a great morning on Saturday. I was returning from my cousin's marriage, leaving it half attended to appear for SAP Labs recruitment drive at my college (Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology) on 19th September, 2015. I was quite bothered, reading online blogs about experiences of those who got previously selected at SAP Labs, were from Computer Science background. I'm from Electronics and Communication Engineering, I have a different background that of Computer Science students. I was quite disturbed by this thought. Yet, I had a confidence, at some corner of my heart, that I can make a break-through at SAP Labs interview.

The Move

I was quite passionate about SAP Labs, because they offered 2 year M.Tech program at BITS Pilani, along with job, for the selected students,with no out-of-pocket expenses. It was called 'Scholar@SAP' program. So, I opted for the screening test, which happened two weeks before the 'Interview Day', at my college.

Screening Test

The screening test was quite challenging and interesting, with the first part to test our personality (They had some name for that. I don't remember!), which had 60 questions to be answered in 10 minutes. Then the Technical part, testing our knowledge in Computer Science and Database systems. I was able to answer questions about programming language and OOPS concept, but nothing about DBMS and stuff related to that. Then, some 'Logical Testing' and 'Vocabulary Testing'.
One fine day, we got a confirmation mail stating that I can attend the 'Final Round Interview' for SAP Labs, to be held at our college campus. Myself along with my friend, Shriram from Computer Science Engineering from my college got cleared through the screening test along with some girls from my college.

The 'Interview Day'

It was the 'Interview Day'. I got the shirt-sleeves buttoned and my certificates arranged in a file, borrowed from my friend (Unfortunately, I don't have one). There was an Introduction session about the company and the products. We were told that it was a three-round interview with 2 Technical rounds and 1 HR round. Then, after this session, we were asked to wait, for our interview rounds.

Technical Round - I

Still I was searching for a seat, I was called for Technical Round - I. I appeared before my first interviewer. He asked me to give an introduction about me, he gave me some puzzles to solve and to find mathematical solutions to it, also to make an algorithmic approach for the solutions. I was so cool, I solved almost all the puzzles. Those puzzles were new to me (because I'm not a nerd), but pretty interesting.

Technical Round - II

Then I was called for Technical Round - II. This round was more lenient and the interviewer seemed easy on me. He asked me to rank C, C++ and Java, according to my expertise level. I ranked it and he asked me questions based on it. Seems easy right? We were given a formal application form at the introduction session, where we were asked to 'tick' the programming languages we know. I 'ticked' C, C++ and Java. I know some Python too. I know I'm a noob in Python, so I haven't ticked it. Its all about expertise level and not the number of languages you know or heard!So, Be cautious while making an impression at the interview.

HR Round

I got through Technical Round - II! Finally, it was HR Round. This round was the most interesting one. I really enjoyed that. There were two HR managers. I greeted them with a smile and introduced myself, my achievements and my family. The game changer at the interview was two things for me. First one was my Android game called 'Kolr' on Google Play (Checkout 'Kolr - A color tapping game') and Second one was, about my idea which got selected as one among top 20 ideas across India for 'Suggestion of ideas for PMO App Phase I'. I explained these two things. Also there were some more questions to test my attitude. I tend to be positive in everything. 'Being positive' was the real test actually.
I was quite cool and humorous, the whole day. Also pretty confident and bold. One thing I must tell you, whatever may be 'Be positive'. This attitude will help you a lot! I assure.
Then we had a photo-shoot session and took a groupfie! The day ended happily! 

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  1. Very Impressive...Keep going Merbiii..All the best...!!! (Being Human ;) )

  2. Honestly, it seems like you had no reason to be nervous! The fact that you’re from a different background was probably a selling point, as you can bring a different viewpoint to the company. Plus, your android game and PMO idea just put you over the top as someone with a lot of talent just waiting to be given the opportunity to shine.

    Celine Goodson @ RMS Recruitment

    1. Thanks Celine Goodson! The selling point wins haha!

  3. what is the probability of becoming a permanent employee of SAP after scholar@SAP program?

  4. Great makkale
    Glad to know your experience
    Continue to be positive and radiate to the world around.
    keep going