College Cultural Fest Invitation Template

I created this poster and invitation for College cultural fest (enGenia - 2014) for my college (Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology), during the year 2014. I brain stormed numerous ideas to create something different. I arrived at a design to look like a parchment (as seen above), with paint splashes. Unfortunately, the paint splashes were mistaken to be blood splashes (not for a joke, seriously). :-( . The college officials disagreed with this design.

Racing for second!

 Then, I was given some little time to do a new design draft. I randomly got some ideas with circles and squares, and finally did  something like this.

Our College officials always wanted  something professional, they selected the second version. They were happy to go with. But the irony is that, I hardly took 20 - 25 mins for the second design totally for bringing up the second design. But it took  more than 3 hours for the first design to come up with.
I consoled myself "Everything gonna be an experience!"...
The download links here. Its your turn to make a re-mashup of these designs. Comment your designs and thoughts... Happy designing!

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