The True Blood Friendship - The First Short Film

I've made my first short film with my college colleagues. I believe I've made my best in bringing you the concept from my mind, colorfully. An interesting fact is that myself and my team completed this film within five days including the concept and the song scores.

Title : The True Blood Friendship

Concept : Steve Benison .S | Rebin J Anselm

Direction : Rebin J Anselm

Cast : Steve Benison .S | Arul Raja .K | Balamurugan .D | Boobalan .V.M | Kesavan .P | Ramadoss .C

Background Music : From Album 'Immediate' and 'Freedom'

Song Scores : Rebin J Anselm

Song Vocals : Steve Benison .S


Watch the Official Teaser here:

Watch the full movie here:

Comment your thoughts and give me your valuable suggestions. :)


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