Google is gearing up for the next release of Android version (maybe 7.0?), currently dubbed 'Android N'. Android enthusiasts around the world are really interested in knowing the name of the next major Android release (Who in this world wants to call someone/something by initials?) 

Conventionally, each new version of Android had confectionary-themed code names in alphabetic ordering, starting from version 1.5.

Version Number Code Name
1.5 Cupcake
1.6 Donut
2.0-2.1 Eclair
2.2 Froyo
2.3 Gingerbread
3.0-3.2 Honeycomb
4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
4.1-4.3 Jellybean
4.4 Kitkat
5.0-5.1 Lollipop
6.0 Marshmallow
7.0? N_________

Then, where are the names starting with A and B? Many say, Alpha and Beta. Actually not! Infact, Google released Alpha and Beta versions prior to Android 1.0. But these releases were mostly internal within the company, with code names inspired by fictional robots as Astro Boy, Bender, R2-D2 etc. Note that, these names were used by Google for pre-release versions of Android only.

Though Android 1.0 and Android 1.1 never had official names, Android 1.1 was called 'Petit Four' internally within the company. The idea of naming Android versions by sweet dessert themes was conceived only before the release of version-1.5 Cupcake, by the project manager, Ryan Gibson.

So, the name of the next release starts with N. Great!

In his recent visit to India in December 2015, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Google will be crowd-sourcing name suggestions for Android N. He too made a note that Android N or Android P could be named after any Indian dessert. As per the announcement, a micro-site (android.com/n) to receive suggestions from the greater fans, was made public on May 18, 2016.

This set off a huge wave across Indian netizens, who started campaigning online for the names of various Indian desserts. A Bangalore based techie, Arun Kumar insisted on campaigning for 'Neyyappam', a delicacy from southern Indian state of Kerala, along with his friends. Even a website androidneyyappam.com has been started, campaigning for the same.

'Kerala Tourism' - an initiative by state government of Kerala, was already campaigning in middle-east countries, took this oppurtunity, started supporting the 'Neyyappam' campaign via Twitter handle #AndroidNeyyappam.

Recently, Google hinted about the most suggested names in the micro-site. It featured Neyyappam, Nachos, Nectarine, Nutmeg, Navy Bean among the most suggested names.

Google finds an immense interest in the Indian sub-continent in recent days. The fact that having an Indian name will attract some potential millions into the Android ecosystem with a range of mid-range phones making their debut into the Indian market, will make an impact as well.

Anyhow, Google reserves the right to choose any name they wish. Let's wait till August/September this year to see how Google christened their next version of Android.

It's about 76 days since the last release of Torchie (Torchie v1.2.0). I'm sorry that, I wasn't able to work for Torchie these days, because I got academic works to do and did an awesome project along with my friends as part of my Engineering course, called 'Vector Image Drawing Robot', which can actually draw an image provided a decent vector (.svg format) image. I'll brief you about that in later posts. 
Got some time to work for Torchie now. Actually I should say, study holidays meant for preparing for semester exams, are the best times to spend on non-academic things. Lol. Coming back, Torchie got some serious updates right now. Based on user feedback and suggestions, some improvements and features have been done.

1. 'Proximity Sense' feature

Sometimes you may be put in a situation to find your phone dead in your pocket. After doing some autopsy (kind of), to find 'Torchie killed it'. You would have yelled "Argh! youuu Torchieeee again grrr". 
How did Torchie killed your phone actually? The physical volume buttons might get pressed, while in your pockets or in bags etc. and turns on the powerful flashlights in your phone, without your knowledge.
We heard your thoughts and words and improved Torchie, to sense where your phone is when both volume buttons are pressed, via proximity sensors. Proximity sensors? Yea exactly. The sensors which turns the display off, when you bring your phone near your ear while you are in call.

2. Flash Time out

Lots of you were requesting this feature to turn off flash/screen light automatically after set time. Here, it is. Just enter the number of minutes and/or seconds to wait before flashlight goes off!

3. 'Torchie Quick service not running' notifications

Many times, some ROMs (specifically Sony's and Samsung's) tend to forget, to enable the 'Torchie Quick' accessibility service automatically at boot time. Relax! Torchie reminds you via notifications when your device forgets to enable the service.

4. Choose your desired language

At the time of writing this article, Torchie has been translated to 26 different languages. Huge thanks to those great hearts who helped me, translate Torchie. 
Some strings may not have been translated, because of 'me', who added those as part of latest release! You can help fix that here.
Now, there is an option to select your desired language from Torchie settings. 
Beware! If a particular locale is not supported in your phone, the app may crash. I suggest you to clear the app settings or just reinstall the app.

5. Screen off - persistence

You may have experienced, if the functionality is disabled for screen off, for turning on/off flash, you should to get your display turned on to make your volume buttons work. In this release, even if the screen off functionality is disabled, at the time when your screen goes off, if flash is turned on, you can again hold both the volume buttons to turn off, without turning on the display. This feature is worthy right?

Torchie is currently in beta! You can test it now by joining 'Torchie Beta Community' here and follow the instructions there to download the latest versions of Torchie every time!

Gone are the days, taking a battery operated torch in hand while exploring the darkest. In the age of mobile phones and handhelds, Torches too had a row in death bed with point and shoot cameras, mp3 players etc. With a range of beautifully designed torch apps on market, torch is a must-have app on almost all the mobile phones. The trouble in switching on the torch, rises when you yourself is in trouble. Your mobile phone guarded with tons of security app, switching on the torch is never an easy task, unlocking all the lockers.
When it is as easy as pressing a hardware button to turn on the torch on your mobile anytime, makes your life easy isn't it? That's why we call it "Revolutionary"! Suppose you are reading an interesting eBook or an article in your mobile phone in a dark night and wanted to search for the misplaced water jug in the dark. With Torchie, you don't have necessity to leave the app to turn on the torch and have your throats quenched. Its simple as holding down the volume buttons together to turn on and off the torch.
Pretty interesting right? It adds a hardware button for torch to your mobile phone.
Torchie revolutionizes how we use the torch functionality!

I hate paid apps personally and don't want locked down features in Torchie. Yes, Torchie is completely free with No Ads. Love this, em?
In recent days, lots of mentions in the internet about growing issues of spyware and adware which comes in the form of torch apps (definitely... Torchie is not in the list lol. I assure it'll never be). A post by Dailymail says the top rated torch apps too got in the residue in security filter. A mobile security firm confirms it here
These apps are great in visuals but are demons which devour privacy. Torchie never accesses any private data. Yours is yours, ours is ours!
Comment below if Torchie helps you out in a different way!

Still the app is free with no locked functionality and no ads, you can donate us, if you love Torchie. In fact this money helps us to buy a coffee/PC!
If donation doesn't matter you, share the love I shared (a word about Torchie) with your friends and family. They 'll be really happy with Torchie I assure!

This is my third collection of photography series. With a brand new environment and subjects, my creations landed here for your graceful views. In this collection, I have released my first most photography click taken in my backyard. Have a pleasant look on my series and have fun having these pictures as the wallpaper of your desktop. We will be so happy to hear your comments in the comments section. Kindly let us know your views and thoughts and share your feel about your new wallpaper from Anselm photography.

That was a sunny day in my hometown. The sun set scenery looks awesome on that day just before my friend's house. That was the day when my first short film was taken. The film was my college project. We have shot it within 24 hours and this shot was taken on that evening.

My first click
It was a holiday. My mom has gone to the backyard to pluck flowers blooming. Those where the days I have got my first new smartphone. Yep. Its Lumia 720. With a lot of excitement, I have gone with my mom to the garden and started searching a nice scene to get captured by my new device. This is an unexpected shot made perfect that may be one of the reason that brings me to present these many pictures to you. Hope you will enjoy my experience.

Looks Artificial but Nature
Standing majestic before my sweet house is an Ajwain plant. It is of high herbal value mainly for cough related treatment. Having named as Plectranthus amboinicus by the IUPAC, the stupendous plant poses to my lenses perfectly.

On a slanting leaf stands the boss of photography stills. Yep! It is a tiny cute grasshopper planning ahead of its prey flying in the sky. While the boss plan for a shot, my lenses shoot him from the back pose. Lol!

Tridax Procumbens - Thatha Poo

Got hurt in your legs or hands? Bleeding? Is it paining? No problem. You are seeing the right plant. I think everyone could see this species in your garden also. Just squeeze along with water and apply it on the place of hurt. Now at this moment, I could feel myself as an astounding sage giving medical advice to you.lol!!

 Nice to meet you the second time through my Collection Series II. In this series, I have added some of my interesting clicks, which lies on various fields of photography. These pictures make you think how nature looks different for different eyes. Being an amateur in photography, some of the clicks may look odd for professionals.
Bokeh Street
Bokeh Street

First time in my photography life, I have made a bokeh photography. Yeah, it's my Moto G that made this daunting click. I used on of my finger to make the lights out of focus. It's crazy right? This picture may bring your desktop a dark impressive background.


 Again a dark click!!! This is a flower blossoms in my backyard. All the flowers are stunning with a black background. Backgrounds are no edit, it's all off the majestic Moto G's astounding exposure control.

Periyakadu Beach - Seashore view

 Really talking from my heart, this is the most stupendous site I've ever seen in my life. This is one of the place in my hometown where population roaming is less. Absolutely it is the reason why the site remains stunning.  

Wild yellow

 In our college, usage of smartphones are restricted. If I'm following this unworthy rule, how could this daunting yellow queen poses before me. Actually the click is an accidental one, when I taught my friend about photography. At that time I didn't even guessed that this pictures gets itself displayed before your eyes.

A tarred road in focus

The Long way!!! One fine day I was supposed to walk through this alone road. The incredible climate and blowing breeze made me to enjoy the beauty of wet road. The tiny crushed gravels and tar glue made the awesome look to the lenses

This is my first collection of photography. All the photos are taken in different locations. As I said, three pictures in this collection are taken from my home alone. My neighbors used to make fun of me, when I'm moving here and there with a smartphone in hands. Don't try to guess any high end smartphones, these pictures are the creation of my Moto G first-gen (5 MP camera) and Lumia 720 (6.1 MP camera).

Wild cat

 I love playing with cats. Cats also do the same in return. Playing with their furry forehead and skinny neck-side are my outdoor pleasure. This cat is residing here with me for about 2 months. It is a wild cat normally impossible to find in town-sides, but possible in my home alone. Lol! In that case we are really lucky to have this. Luvvv you catty.

Coconut shell

When I've gone for a picnic to Kanyakumari, me with my family members planned to take a breeze from a really beautiful seashore there. At that precious second of my life, my eyes had gone through some interesting things around there. I took many pictures there and one of them is the coconut. Coconut is my favorite but to my fate it was an empty coconut :-(

White rose

White roses always glow in pride. This is one of the flowers blossom in my backyard one fine day. The flower smiles in cherish as they got pictured on my phone. Usually all the creations in my backyard smiles at me all time as myself is having a smiling face-cut.

White pink rose

Making you to think whether it is a white or yellow rose, right? Yeah, It's again white majesty. I think the flower makes it's right pose to my camera lenses. This one will make a nice background image for your PCs.  

Church car on ride - Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health, Velankanni

This picture was taken at Velankanni during a holiday picnic with my family. The flares and perfect shadows are one of the highlight of this picture. Hope these pictures make you a lot of fun. Comment your suggestions and feedback. I'm here waiting your reply.

I started my journey as a photographer from my age 17. I have photographed many natural touching scenery usually from my home backyard. I love nature photography and this may be the reason why my first video production lies on nature. DSLRs are my dreams; Smartphones are reality. Till then I've done up to the mark. My first photography was made with my Nokia Lumia 720 stuffed with an awesome 6.1 MP camera. Later on I've switched to Moto G first-gen for it's Operating System. Till then I've missed my Lumia a lot. Yet my Moto also made it's part well on capturing daylight scenery.

Hello folks!
 It was a great morning on Saturday. I was returning from my cousin's marriage, leaving it half attended to appear for SAP Labs recruitment drive at my college (Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology) on 19th September, 2015. I was quite bothered, reading online blogs about experiences of those who got previously selected at SAP Labs, were from Computer Science background. I'm from Electronics and Communication Engineering, I have a different background that of Computer Science students. I was quite disturbed by this thought. Yet, I had a confidence, at some corner of my heart, that I can make a break-through at SAP Labs interview.

The Move

I was quite passionate about SAP Labs, because they offered 2 year M.Tech program at BITS Pilani, along with job, for the selected students,with no out-of-pocket expenses. It was called 'Scholar@SAP' program. So, I opted for the screening test, which happened two weeks before the 'Interview Day', at my college.

Screening Test

The screening test was quite challenging and interesting, with the first part to test our personality (They had some name for that. I don't remember!), which had 60 questions to be answered in 10 minutes. Then the Technical part, testing our knowledge in Computer Science and Database systems. I was able to answer questions about programming language and OOPS concept, but nothing about DBMS and stuff related to that. Then, some 'Logical Testing' and 'Vocabulary Testing'.
One fine day, we got a confirmation mail stating that I can attend the 'Final Round Interview' for SAP Labs, to be held at our college campus. Myself along with my friend, Shriram from Computer Science Engineering from my college got cleared through the screening test along with some girls from my college.

The 'Interview Day'

It was the 'Interview Day'. I got the shirt-sleeves buttoned and my certificates arranged in a file, borrowed from my friend (Unfortunately, I don't have one). There was an Introduction session about the company and the products. We were told that it was a three-round interview with 2 Technical rounds and 1 HR round. Then, after this session, we were asked to wait, for our interview rounds.

Technical Round - I

Still I was searching for a seat, I was called for Technical Round - I. I appeared before my first interviewer. He asked me to give an introduction about me, he gave me some puzzles to solve and to find mathematical solutions to it, also to make an algorithmic approach for the solutions. I was so cool, I solved almost all the puzzles. Those puzzles were new to me (because I'm not a nerd), but pretty interesting.

Technical Round - II

Then I was called for Technical Round - II. This round was more lenient and the interviewer seemed easy on me. He asked me to rank C, C++ and Java, according to my expertise level. I ranked it and he asked me questions based on it. Seems easy right? We were given a formal application form at the introduction session, where we were asked to 'tick' the programming languages we know. I 'ticked' C, C++ and Java. I know some Python too. I know I'm a noob in Python, so I haven't ticked it. Its all about expertise level and not the number of languages you know or heard!So, Be cautious while making an impression at the interview.

HR Round

I got through Technical Round - II! Finally, it was HR Round. This round was the most interesting one. I really enjoyed that. There were two HR managers. I greeted them with a smile and introduced myself, my achievements and my family. The game changer at the interview was two things for me. First one was my Android game called 'Kolr' on Google Play (Checkout 'Kolr - A color tapping game') and Second one was, about my idea which got selected as one among top 20 ideas across India for 'Suggestion of ideas for PMO App Phase I'. I explained these two things. Also there were some more questions to test my attitude. I tend to be positive in everything. 'Being positive' was the real test actually.
I was quite cool and humorous, the whole day. Also pretty confident and bold. One thing I must tell you, whatever may be 'Be positive'. This attitude will help you a lot! I assure.
Then we had a photo-shoot session and took a groupfie! The day ended happily! 

I've made my first short film with my college colleagues. I believe I've made my best in bringing you the concept from my mind, colorfully. An interesting fact is that myself and my team completed this film within five days including the concept and the song scores.

Title : The True Blood Friendship

Concept : Steve Benison .S | Rebin J Anselm

Direction : Rebin J Anselm

Cast : Steve Benison .S | Arul Raja .K | Balamurugan .D | Boobalan .V.M | Kesavan .P | Ramadoss .C

Background Music : From Album 'Immediate' and 'Freedom'

Song Scores : Rebin J Anselm

Song Vocals : Steve Benison .S


Watch the Official Teaser here:

Watch the full movie here:

Comment your thoughts and give me your valuable suggestions. :)

I created this poster and invitation for College cultural fest (enGenia - 2014) for my college (Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology), during the year 2014. I brain stormed numerous ideas to create something different. I arrived at a design to look like a parchment (as seen above), with paint splashes. Unfortunately, the paint splashes were mistaken to be blood splashes (not for a joke, seriously). :-( . The college officials disagreed with this design.

Racing for second!

 Then, I was given some little time to do a new design draft. I randomly got some ideas with circles and squares, and finally did  something like this.

Our College officials always wanted  something professional, they selected the second version. They were happy to go with. But the irony is that, I hardly took 20 - 25 mins for the second design totally for bringing up the second design. But it took  more than 3 hours for the first design to come up with.
I consoled myself "Everything gonna be an experience!"...
The download links here. Its your turn to make a re-mashup of these designs. Comment your designs and thoughts... Happy designing!

I'm gonna post some of the designs I've done for me and for my college. I'll  give a download link too for you to enjoy it. These designs are absolutely free for use, for any purpose, academic or commercial. You may give credits, if you love it.

Comment about what you think of my designs. Love to hear from you. Please don't forget to share these designs with your friends and family.

Kolr is a colorful and simple game. Colored tiles are the basic game elements.

Hello folks!
We've made a title animation of our brand 'Anselm and Anselm'. The 3D animation was made using Blender 3D software and post production and sequencing done using Camtasia Studio. The background music was composed by Rebin J Anselm (i.e me :P). Watch the video and post your comments too!

Hello world! Make your day colourful!!
Kolr is a colorful, addictive and a simple game. Colored tiles are the basic game elements.
Are you confident about your eyes? Then why reading this description? Move your fingers to the download button... Let's check your eyes...

Still confused about moving out? Lets see what Kolr is... Touching the colored tiles make the color lighter and lighter. Dont make much lighter!! It may turn to black(deactivated). Then what about untouched tiles?? It will turn darker and darker and finally to black(deactivated).

These are just a basic idea about the game. Explore the rest after playing.


  •        Game automatically saves every move.
  •        Different colours for different minds.
  •        Works even in android 2.3.3
  •        Works awesome in landscape(tablets) and portrait modes.
  •        Supports wonderful bed-time play (auto rotation)
  •        Silent game!
  •        Beautiful and simple UI
  •        Easy play/pause controls
  •        Sign in to Google+ account in any android device and retain your prestigious high score achievements.
  •        Check your position among your friends in leader boards!
  •        Boost your adrenalin with the acceleration meter!

Do check this game on Google Play and give us your valued feedback!

Happy Kolr-ing! :)

Tabla forms an integral part in Hindustani as well as in Carnatic music. When it comes to playing electronically, getting right taals seem to be difficult with general drum kit library. Thanks to Tabla Styles composed by various authors, that makes playing Tabla taals for classical music, truly native.
These Taals are hand picked which we use personally and works better with Yamaha PSR series keyboards with Tabla sounds built-in. Nowadays, Tabla sounds are built-in mid range keyboards as well.

You can download Tabla styles in '.sty' format for Yamaha PSR keyboards here.


Note: The style files are packed in .zip format. Use 7-zip or any compatible zip software to unzip and follow instructions that came along with your keyboard for installing Tabla styles in it.