Torchie - Turn on torch by holding volume buttons!

Gone are the days, taking a battery operated torch in hand while exploring the darkest. In the age of mobile phones and handhelds, Torches too had a row in death bed with point and shoot cameras, mp3 players etc. With a range of beautifully designed torch apps on market, torch is a must-have app on almost all the mobile phones. The trouble in switching on the torch, rises when you yourself is in trouble. Your mobile phone guarded with tons of security app, switching on the torch is never an easy task, unlocking all the lockers.
When it is as easy as pressing a hardware button to turn on the torch on your mobile anytime, makes your life easy isn't it? That's why we call it "Revolutionary"! Suppose you are reading an interesting eBook or an article in your mobile phone in a dark night and wanted to search for the misplaced water jug in the dark. With Torchie, you don't have necessity to leave the app to turn on the torch and have your throats quenched. Its simple as holding down the volume buttons together to turn on and off the torch.
Pretty interesting right? It adds a hardware button for torch to your mobile phone.
Torchie revolutionizes how we use the torch functionality!

I hate paid apps personally and don't want locked down features in Torchie. Yes, Torchie is completely free with No Ads. Love this, em?
In recent days, lots of mentions in the internet about growing issues of spyware and adware which comes in the form of torch apps (definitely... Torchie is not in the list lol. I assure it'll never be). A post by Dailymail says the top rated torch apps too got in the residue in security filter. A mobile security firm confirms it here
These apps are great in visuals but are demons which devour privacy. Torchie never accesses any private data. Yours is yours, ours is ours!
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Still the app is free with no locked functionality and no ads, you can donate us, if you love Torchie. In fact this money helps us to buy a coffee/PC!
If donation doesn't matter you, share the love I shared (a word about Torchie) with your friends and family. They 'll be really happy with Torchie I assure!


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