My Leisure Time Click Series - Collection I

This is my first collection of photography. All the photos are taken in different locations. As I said, three pictures in this collection are taken from my home alone. My neighbors used to make fun of me, when I'm moving here and there with a smartphone in hands. Don't try to guess any high end smartphones, these pictures are the creation of my Moto G first-gen (5 MP camera) and Lumia 720 (6.1 MP camera).

Wild cat

 I love playing with cats. Cats also do the same in return. Playing with their furry forehead and skinny neck-side are my outdoor pleasure. This cat is residing here with me for about 2 months. It is a wild cat normally impossible to find in town-sides, but possible in my home alone. Lol! In that case we are really lucky to have this. Luvvv you catty.

Coconut shell

When I've gone for a picnic to Kanyakumari, me with my family members planned to take a breeze from a really beautiful seashore there. At that precious second of my life, my eyes had gone through some interesting things around there. I took many pictures there and one of them is the coconut. Coconut is my favorite but to my fate it was an empty coconut :-(

White rose

White roses always glow in pride. This is one of the flowers blossom in my backyard one fine day. The flower smiles in cherish as they got pictured on my phone. Usually all the creations in my backyard smiles at me all time as myself is having a smiling face-cut.

White pink rose

Making you to think whether it is a white or yellow rose, right? Yeah, It's again white majesty. I think the flower makes it's right pose to my camera lenses. This one will make a nice background image for your PCs.  

Church car on ride - Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health, Velankanni

This picture was taken at Velankanni during a holiday picnic with my family. The flares and perfect shadows are one of the highlight of this picture. Hope these pictures make you a lot of fun. Comment your suggestions and feedback. I'm here waiting your reply.


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