Is Neyyappam, the next Android release?


Google is gearing up for the next release of Android version (maybe 7.0?), currently dubbed 'Android N'. Android enthusiasts around the world are really interested in knowing the name of the next major Android release (Who in this world wants to call someone/something by initials?) 

Conventionally, each new version of Android had confectionary-themed code names in alphabetic ordering, starting from version 1.5.

Version Number Code Name
1.5 Cupcake
1.6 Donut
2.0-2.1 Eclair
2.2 Froyo
2.3 Gingerbread
3.0-3.2 Honeycomb
4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
4.1-4.3 Jellybean
4.4 Kitkat
5.0-5.1 Lollipop
6.0 Marshmallow
7.0? N_________

Then, where are the names starting with A and B? Many say, Alpha and Beta. Actually not! Infact, Google released Alpha and Beta versions prior to Android 1.0. But these releases were mostly internal within the company, with code names inspired by fictional robots as Astro Boy, Bender, R2-D2 etc. Note that, these names were used by Google for pre-release versions of Android only.

Though Android 1.0 and Android 1.1 never had official names, Android 1.1 was called 'Petit Four' internally within the company. The idea of naming Android versions by sweet dessert themes was conceived only before the release of version-1.5 Cupcake, by the project manager, Ryan Gibson.

So, the name of the next release starts with N. Great!

In his recent visit to India in December 2015, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Google will be crowd-sourcing name suggestions for Android N. He too made a note that Android N or Android P could be named after any Indian dessert. As per the announcement, a micro-site (android.com/n) to receive suggestions from the greater fans, was made public on May 18, 2016.

This set off a huge wave across Indian netizens, who started campaigning online for the names of various Indian desserts. A Bangalore based techie, Arun Kumar insisted on campaigning for 'Neyyappam', a delicacy from southern Indian state of Kerala, along with his friends. Even a website androidneyyappam.com has been started, campaigning for the same.

'Kerala Tourism' - an initiative by state government of Kerala, was already campaigning in middle-east countries, took this oppurtunity, started supporting the 'Neyyappam' campaign via Twitter handle #AndroidNeyyappam.

Recently, Google hinted about the most suggested names in the micro-site. It featured Neyyappam, Nachos, Nectarine, Nutmeg, Navy Bean among the most suggested names.

Google finds an immense interest in the Indian sub-continent in recent days. The fact that having an Indian name will attract some potential millions into the Android ecosystem with a range of mid-range phones making their debut into the Indian market, will make an impact as well.

Anyhow, Google reserves the right to choose any name they wish. Let's wait till August/September this year to see how Google christened their next version of Android.

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