Kolr - A color tapping game - v2.1

Kolr is a colorful and simple game. Colored tiles are the basic game elements.

Are you confident about your eyes? Then why reading this description? Move your
fingers to the download button... Let's check your eyes...
Still confused about moving out? Lets see what Kolr is... Tapping the colored tiles make the color lighter and lighter. Don't make it much lighter!! It would disappear! Then what about untapped/untouched tiles?? It will turn darker and darker and finally disappear!
This is just a basic idea about the game. Explore the rest after playing.



  • Attractive and elegant UI
  • Artificial Intelligence which observes your performance and changes the color spawning rate
  • Different colors for different minds.
  • Three levels to suit your playing mood
  • Game sounds and music
  • Boost your adrenalin with the acceleration meter!
  • Game automatically saves every move.
  • Works awesome in landscape(tablets) and portrait modes.
  • Supports wonderful bed-time play (auto rotation)
  • Easy play/pause controls
  • Share your score once the game ends
  • Sign in to Google+ account in any android device and retain your prestigious high score and Achievements.
  • Check your leadership position among your friends in Leaderboards!

What's new in this release?

We bet you this time, Kolr will give a punch to your brain, with colors!
In this update, Some serious bugs were fixed and many features added.
  • Improved Help to assist puzzled players
  • Default installation in SD card*
  • Any updates and news will be notified!

Tech stats for geeks!

Due to memory leakage problem, there was leakage of colors into cells, which (should have) made you think of yourself as color blind! :p
No thoughts of confusions about Kolr (or color) here after!! :P

We love hearing from you. Please rate us and give your valuable feedback in Google Play, so that we may improve!

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